Transforming Fundraising through
Digital Collectibles

At Origin, we empower families by offering a simple fundraising initiative that helps alleviate the financial burdens of youth sports.

By infusing excitement and engagement into the process, we create a platform where creators actively participate in raising funds, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Take the next step in Digital Collectibles!

3 Simple Steps

At Origin Group NFT we try on make the NFT experience as easy as possible, with these 3 simple steps, the rest is up to us!

Create your Custom NFT to share, sell, trade with the digital art world.


Enter your Organization Code

This is the code provided to you by your Organization Leader.


Front of NFT – Photo / Graphic / Art

The front is a great spot for main feature. Such as a head shot or a highlighted location.


Verbage / Wording / Header

It’s simple, Fill in the form we have provided on the Create NFT page.

The rest is up to us!

Once you have submitted your photos and info our team will get to work on your Custom NFT.